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Professional Learning

Come be a part of our learning community!

The staff of the MUEE STEAM Center provide professional learning sessions, technical assistance, and support in a variety of ways to both pre-service and in-service teachers. Below is a menu of services our Center offers to districts, counties and individual centers.

STEAM Site Observations:  The MU Early Education STEAM Center provides opportunities for educators to come visit our classrooms to observe the learning environment, review documentation of learning and see the children in action.

Half Day Observation - $300.00

Full Day Observation - $600.00 

*prices based on up to 5 participants (additional participants will require more staff)

Full Day Professional Learning Sessions:  The MU Early Education STEAM Center staff will lead professional learning sessions on a variety of topics for teachers and adminstrators.  Some of the topics include:

  • Developmentally Appropriate Learning Environments

  • Reggio Inspired Learning

  • Project Work and Provocations

  • Community and Family Engagement 

  • Morning Meeting and CREW Protocols 

  • CREATE Lab Technology (Arts and Bots, Children's Innovation Project)

Full Day Training - $600.00 per staff, plus travel

Online Learning:  The MU Early Education STEAM Center staff develops, monitors, and supports online learning for teachers and administrators. Using a wiki format, participants are guided with an anchor text and asked to participate in activities and discussion.  A STEAM staff member will monitor and provide feedback.  This "online class" format allows for in depth study on a topic over a few months.

Up to 20 participants - $1,800

Over 20 participants - $2,800

Site Visits to County/District Classrooms:  The MU Early Education STEAM Center staff will travel to districts to support the implementation of new learning and strategies.  We have found that teachers are more likely to make changes with on-site support.   

$1,200 per day plus travel (includes two staff members)

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