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  • Elizabeth Houck

Beautiful, Powerful, Important Project Work

The children at the MUEE STEAM Center in Gilbert have been studying about storytelling. One of the areas of interest in this project has been to retell familiar stories using puppets. When creating our project web and documenting questions the children had, they were interested to learn more about a stage and how to put on a play. We conducted field work at Mingo Central High School on February 22nd. The children had the opportunity to ask questions to the lead cast of an upcoming play. They also explored the stage, backstage, dressing rooms, sound and light room, explored how the curtains work, had a turn to try out the headset used during a performance, and watched a small part Seussical. Through this field experience, we were able to answer several questions the children raised and learned a lot about how to retell a story through a play. On March 1, the children worked in the Maker Space at the Larry Joe Harless Community Center. The children worked with Ms. Savannah to sew curtains for the puppet theater they created out of a cardboard box. Each child used a peg board to practice stitching various designs. The children collaborated to measure the length of the hole and the height of the puppet theater to know how to cut the material for the curtains. Each child worked with Ms. Savannah to use the sewing machine to stitch the fabric after cutting. The puppet theater is now complete and ready for action.

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